There are a lot of vehicles surrounding us daily, you might even have one and if you do then you might face many problems including having a flat tire. A flat tire is quite a hassle to deal with especially if you don’t know how to fix it so it’s very important to know the basics of repairing a flat tire. In this article, we will talk about the basics of repairing a flat tire so that you will not spend more money on repair for your own vehicle problem. But even if you know how to repair flat tires it is still important to have a towing agency contact in case of emergency, we recommend having towing Decatur IL.

  • Preparations and Materials Needed

    The materials are really important for you to have because if they aren’t here then you’ll not be able to change tires so always keep them in your vehicle for emergencies. You will need a spray-on silicon lubricant for the tires, tire irons, a breeze tire tool, a valve core tool for removing and putting back in the tire. Bead beaker or two C clamps for taking out the flat tire, compressed air pump for having air into your tire, and an optional item, a rim protector for the vehicle. Make sure that these things are in the storage of your vehicle so that you’ll not but any more and always is prepared in case of an emergency in the road.  

  • Removing the Flat Tire

    You can start removing the flat tire by using a valve core tool for letting the air out of the tire after that detach the bead using a bead breaker. Spray some lube for the tire to come out easily then use two c clamps or the two-tire lever so that the bead is out or separated from the rubber wheel. Then get the bead out and you can repeat the things to the other wheels that you have, since you already know the procedure, then it should be easier. Make sure that you don’t skip the procedure and apply lube so that you will not have a hard time getting the beat out of the wheel or tires. 

  • Installing A New Improved Tire

    After removing, you can start to install a new one, you can start by getting out a lubricant and spray the inner of the tire so that it’s easier to install. After that, you can spin the tire so that it matches the original direction you had before then you can put one side of the tire to the rim. You can use the tire irons so that you can push the tire to the rim then pump air to the tire so that it’ll not deflate and make the vehicle faster. Then put a seal in the part so that it’ll not deflate then add ceramic dust to your tire and finally insert the valve stem to the rim and tighten it.