In this article, we will be providing a list of the fun activities that you can do with your dog to deepen your bond, promote good health, stimulate your mental and physical health, and enjoy both of your companies. This guide is specifically perfect for dogs with high energy, such as adult dogs or puppies.  

Take an obedience or agility training class 

Dogs with a wild streak usually have to learn how to concentrate. Meaning, you must select a goal to work toward. Obedience or agility training will provide them the chance to let out their mad skills. This can also be a way to create a stronger dog-owner bond.  

Visit a dog park where your pup can play with other dogs 

The best parties are impromptu ones, particularly the canine kind. Look for an off-leash dog park near you and allow your dog to do a few romping. Your furry friend might eventually show up as the life of the party.  

Jog or run together 

Nothing can tire your dog out with a boost of energy like a long run. Compared to other dogs, some are suited better for longer distances. Hence, always bring fuel, think about the condition of your dog, and the temperature outdoors. If your dog is a natural runner, it would be best if you bring a leash that’s particularly intended for running. When you make this a regular activity with your dog, try to observe whether you can beat your previous time consistently.  

Ride a bike with your dog 

Riding a bike while your dog is on a leash could be more challenging than you might imagine. So, it’s best if you practice first before starting to ride your bike in your city. Take note that other dogs prefer to be on a basket than riding beside the bike. Hence, it’s best to think about the physical fitness of your dog and start slow. Once you’ll both get used to it, then you can start doing it as soon as possible.  

Spend a day discovering and swimming at a lake or beach 

Dogs are more similar to mermaids. So, you should allow them to be part of that world. However, before doing this, you need to verify that the lake or beach is dog-friendly and that you prepare life vests for you and your dog just in case you need them.  

Walk your dog all around the city 

Absorb what your city can give you and see the wonders that lie in it by touring around it with your dog. Just consider yourself as a tourist of a particular place but with a greater sense of direction. Once you consider planning for your route, you can choose to stop-over at all pet-friendly rendezvous for attention and treats. All tourists will be jealous of your bond. However, if you can’t do this due to a hectic schedule, you can always choose to use dog walking services in Edina MN, and get your covered for a day or more.